Viewfile Cannot Render Unicode Characters in PowerPoint Files


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  1. Some UTF-8 characters, eg. Japanese are rendered as boxes when using the viewfile macro.
  2. You may see that this affects certain fonts, eg. MS-Mincho, Arial, etc.


The JVM relies on the available fonts installed in your operating system. If you don't have the required fonts, you will see your utf-8 characters rendered as boxes in viewfile macro. For example, if you have Arial font and not MS-Mincho, you may discover the UTF-8 characters can be rendered when using Arial as a font and not the other.


  1. Make sure that your operating system has the required fonts eg. ARIALUNI.ttf to render the UTF-8 characters.
  2. If using Windows, you may need to purchase the font from a third party and install the required font in C:\Windows\Fonts.
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You can use this powerpoint file: TESTFONTS.ppt, submitted to the courtesy of Zac Craven, to check if you have the following fonts installed: MS Mincho, MS Gothic, Arial Unicode MS, Adobe Fangsong STD, Simsun, Gulim

Using the Powerpoint file, you should see East Asian Fonts rendered like this screenshot.


East Asian Fonts from Wikipedia

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