Unable to edit in Office and edit in Word, 404 on <confluence-path>/${officeVelocityHelper.getWebDavUrl($attachment)}


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Nothing happens when clicking on Edit in Office link in Attachment page or Edit in Word in Page.

Diagnosis 1

If the link to "edit in office" shows as shown in the below screenshots, the cause of the issue is the 1st cause described below.

The following screenshot shows the URL that gets called when clicking on the link:

Diagnosis 2 

If your issue occurs under the following conditions, see 2nd Cause below:

  • Edit in office is not working in IE and FireFox
  • Windows 7 OS
  • Microsoft Office 2010

Diagnosis 3

Capture a HAR file while clicking on the Edit in Office button:

  • You will see a 404 error on <confluence-path>/${officeVelocityHelper.getWebDavUrl($attachment)}


1st Cause

The Office Connector Velocity Helper module is disabled in Office Connector plugin which causes the link to be broken:


Broken Link

Edit in Office in Attachment Page


Edit in Word in Page


To check this, go to   >> Manage Apps >> Show System Plugins >> Office Connector plugin >> Manage plugin modules >> Office Connector Velocity Helper(velocity.helper)

2nd Cause

Microsoft Office compatibility pack is installed in the client's machine Microsoft Office 2010.


Resolution 1 (for 1st Cause)

Enable the Office Connector Velocity Helper :

  1. Browse to   >> Manage Apps
  2. If using a version with the Universal Plugin Manager (3.4 or later), select View System Plugins. Otherwise, the system plugins will already be visible.
  3. Find the Office Connector Plugin. Select Manage Plugin Modules.
  4. Enable the Office Connector Velocity Helper module.

Resolution 2 (for 2nd Cause)

Disable Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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