Some pages are not displaying in contentbylabel macro, despite containing the label being searched


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Some of the pages that have the label set in the contentbylabel macro are not being displayed. When you are an administrator, you can still view the page if you navigate directly, however it won't show up in the macro unless you have direct access. The pages may show up when doing a search for "labelText:label".


The page containing the label doesn't have "read" permission for the currently logged on user. This might be a result of:

  • The space not having "read" permissions for the current user
  • The page has a restriction restricting the current user from viewing the page
  • A page which is an ancestor of the page has a restriction restriction the current user from viewing the page


  • Check if the current user has view access granted in Space Permissions, and add the access if needed.
  • Check if the page has any read restrictions, and remove the restriction if needed.

最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 26 日


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