Server ID Shows as $action.serverId, $action.sid or n.v.


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。



  1. When looking at the Server ID field in Administration >> License Details, the value $action.serverId appears. This may result in an upgrade problem documented at CONF-10576.
  2. When looking at the Server ID field in Administration >> License Details, the value $action.sid appears. Or when looking at the Server-ID field in Administration >> System Information, the value n.v. appears.


  1. There is no Server ID on the database.
  2. There is a Server ID on the database, but it's somehow malformed and hence Confluence couldn't pick it up.



Cause #1

  1. If you are using Confluence 3.x and above, to find your Server ID:
    1. Open <your-confluence-home-folder>/confluence.cfg.xml
    2. Find the property:

      <property name="">XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX</property>

      Note the Server ID

    3. Proceed to Step 3

  2. If you are using Confluence 2.x you will need the below jsp to view your Server ID:
    1. Confluence をシャットダウンします。
    2. Put the serverid.jsp in <your-confluence-insall-folder>/confluence/admin/
    3. Confluence を再起動します。
    4. Visit (changing the URL to point to your Confluence installation).

  3. Check the Server ID in the database:

    select * from BANDANA where bandanakey = '';

    (info) It should return an empty result. If so, proceed with the next step. Otherwise, it should be the cause #2.

  4. Insert the correct Server ID by running the following SQL query against Confluence database:

    INSERT INTO BANDANA VALUES (FREE-BANDANAID-VALUE, '_GLOBAL', '', '<string>Your-Server-ID</string>');

    (info) Please remember to change Your-Server-ID to your server ID value.

    (info) Please remember to change FREE-BANDANAID-VALUE to a free ID value. The BANDANAID value for the serverID is one of the earliest entries in the bandana table (less then 20) so if it is missing there will be a gap in the sequence. Use the value of the missing entry for FREE-BANDANAID-VALUE in the above insert statement. If there is no gap, increment the highest value that is two digits or less by one and use that.

  5. Confluence を再起動します。

Cause #2

  1. Ensure that the Server ID in the database is in correct format. It should look something like this in BANDANA table, otherwise, Confluence won't be able to understand it.


    (info) Note the string tag.

  2. If it is not correct, modify it by running the following SQL query:

    update BANDANA set bandanavalue = '<string>XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX</string>' where bandanakey = '';
  3. Confluence を再起動します。
Last modified on Mar 2, 2017


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