Licence User Count Issue After Migrating From OnDemand to Standalone


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After migrating from Confluence OnDemand to Confluence standalone, the number of active users in Confluence standalone is not the same as the number of Confluence OnDemand users granted with application access.

For example, you may have 493 users counted towards the license limit in Confluence standalone while in OnDemand only 485 was counted towards the license limit.


Confluence standalone counts the license slightly differently than Atlassian OnDemand's application access. 

In Confluence standalone, the license is counted by the number of active users who are granted with Can Use global permission. Typically in this migration scenario, any users in the 'users' group have this permission. Using the example mentioned above, in Confluence OnDemand, you have 493 of these users.

In Confluence OnDemand, any user with Confluence application access is counted regardless the groups they belong to. Using the example mentioned above, in Confluence OnDemand, you have 485 of these users.

  • Now, In Confluence OnDemand, there are 11 users who were granted with application access, yet they do not belong to the 'users' groups. In your Confluence standalone now, they are considered as non-active users.
  • On the other hand, there are 18 users in Confluence OnDemand that belongs to the 'users' group, yet were not granted with application access. In your Confluence standalone now, they are considered as active users.

Hence, this explains the difference (485 vs 493)  in the number of users as you have observed.


Using the example above, if you would like to achieve 485 licensed users in Confluence standalone (exactly like Confluence OnDemand), you will need to perform this in Confluence standalone:

  1. Remove the 18 users above from the 'users' group.
  2. Add the 11 users above to the 'users' group.
  3. This results in 486 users - remove the auto-generated 'sysadmin' user from your local instance to bring down the number to 485.

This can be done from the UI.

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