How to enable Ancestor table rebuild progress logging


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When rebuilding the Confluence Ancestor table Confluence does not display progress and instead only shows the confirmation message "Ancestor table rebuilt successfully." To track the progress on a larger instance we can enable additional logging and view the progress in the atlassian-confluence.log.

For auditing or administration purposes, an administrator may want to see what time the process completed. This can be done by adding an additional class in logging configuration. See also  CONF-38795 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Go to Confluence Admin > Logging and Profiling
  2. Add an entry for com.atlassian.confluence.pages.ancestors.HibernatePageAncestorManager class with INFO level (as directed in Configuring Logging)
  3. Open <confluence_home>/logs/atlassian-confluence.log and you will now see the additional Ancestor table logging as shown below:

    2015-03-20 21:15:03,650 INFO [http-bio-10564-exec-9] [confluence.pages.ancestors.HibernatePageAncestorManager] rebuild updating Share your page with a team member (step 9 of 9)[98305] (1/24)
    2015-03-20 21:15:03,653 INFO [http-bio-10564-exec-9] [confluence.pages.ancestors.HibernatePageAncestorManager] rebuild updating Get serious with a table (step 5 of 9)[98306] (2/24)
Last modified on Mar 12, 2016


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