How to disable the default language setting


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This article can only be implemented in Confluence 7.2.0 and older versions.

By disabling the default language setting, which allows users to choose the language that Confluence uses to display screen text and messages, users will not be allowed to use any other language except for the English language.


There are two ways to disable the default language setting:

1) Disable non-English language packs via Confluence Admin > Manage Add-ons (recommended):

  • Navigate to General Configuration > Manage Add-ons
  • Select All add-ons from the drop-down menu
  • Find and disable other language packs (for example: Confluence German (Germany) Language Pack)

2) Remove the language packs from the bundled plugins archive:

Remove the files and place them in a backup folder, since you might need them in the future

  • Confluence をシャットダウンします。
  • Go to <Confluence-install-directory>/Confluence/WEB-INF/atlassian-bundled-plugins/
  • Remove the desired language packs (the language files start with "confluence-language-pack"). There are usually four such files by default. For example, in Confluence 5.6.4, these are the default language files:
    • confluence-language-pack-de_DE-5.6.0-m7-v2r9462-2014-08-21.jar
    • confluence-language-pack-es_ES-5.6.0-m7-v2r16510-2014-08-21.jar
    • confluence-language-pack-fr_FR-5.6.0-m7-v2r4722-2014-08-21.jar
    • confluence-language-pack-ja_JP-5.6.0-m7-v2r21802-2014-08-26.jar
  • Confluence を起動します。

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