Cluster Panic due to Multiple Deployments


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There are multiple causes for this issue. Start with the parent article Confluence will not start due to fatal error in Confluence cluster.

Confluence throws the following error on a single-node deployment shortly after startup:

Fatal error in Confluence cluster: Database is being updated by an instance which is not part of the current cluster. You should check network connections between cluster nodes, especially multicast traffic.


Two instances of single-node Confluence (unclustered) are connecting to the database.
There are several known causes:

  1. Confluence has not been shut down completely and the java process is still running (and connected to the database).
  2. Two instances point to the same confluence-home or database and are running simultaneously.
  3. Confluence is deployed in the webapps folder and is reloading.
  4. A test server has been deployed that is connecting to the same database.
  5. A Windows Service is starting automatically, perhaps left over from a different installation.
  6. The parameter reloadable=true is set in the war file XML configuration.


If the problem is reoccurring,

  1. If Confluence is running on a different server (eg a test server), stop the process there. Make sure the confluence.cfg.xml on the other server does not point to your production database.
  2. If you are using a standalone deployment:
    1. Check that Confluence is not deployed in the <confluence-install>/webapps folder. This folder should be empty.
  3. If you are using a WAR deployment
    1. Check the confluence.xml file for reloadable=true
    2. Check that Confluence is not deployed multiple times in the <confluence-install>/webapps folder (eg duplicated files in this folder)

If it simply did not shut down properly,

In Linux:

  1. run ps -a. Identify the java process for Confluence. Note the process ID.
  2. run kill -9 <pid>.


  1. From the close program box, kill the java.exe process.
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Restarting the box should work on any platform.




























Last modified on Mar 30, 2016


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