pre-5.5 Confluence クラスタ化インストールからアップグレード後、Confluence をアップグレードしようとすると、「external_id」列が見つからない


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この記事は Confluence Data Center 5.6 以降に適用されます。


When upgrading from pre-5.5 Confluence Clustered installation to Confluence Data Center 5.6 or higher, you will be told that 

Your current license is for the old Cluster edition of Confluence and is not valid with Confluence Data Center edition

When you visit Confluence with the browser to fix the license, you an error message along the following lines:

ERROR: column this.external_id does not exist
ORA-00904: "THIS"."EXTERNAL_ID": invalid identifier


Due to changes in how Confluence Data Center licenses work, the upgrade from the old cluster license will sometimes fail depending on the login state of the admin user performing the upgrade. Specifically, if the user has their remember-me cookie present when they go to enter the new license, then the error will occur.


Clear the seraph.confluence browser cookie related to the Confluence server being upgraded. You can either do this before the upgrade starts, or after you get the above error. If you get the error before clearing the cookie, then just refresh the page, and you should then be presented with a screen allowing you to enter the Data Center license.

最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 26 日


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