Unable to publish artifact "Clover Report (System)"


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Bamboo with Clover is used. Clover HTML report artifact is empty after the build. Build log contains an error message like this:

Unable to publish artifact [Clover Report (System)]: the source directory <bamboo_home>\xml-data\build-dir\AA-BB-JOB1\target\site\clover does not exist.


1) Build has failed causing that not all Clover's goals have been called


  • the "Automatically integrate Clover into this build" option is enabled
  • automatic Clover integration adds extra goals to the maven command line, such as "clover:setup verify clover:aggregate clover:clover"
  • a build fails in the test phase due to test failures
  • Maven breaks the build, as a consequence latter goals (clover:aggregate clover:clover) are not called, Clover reports are not generated
  • as reports are unavailable, the "Unable to publish artifact" error appears at the end of the build


2) Clover reports were written do a directory different than defined in a "Clover Report" artifact


  • the "Automatically integrate Clover into this build" option is enabled
  • the "Clover Report (System)" artifact is defined with a standard pattern (target/site/clover + **/*, for instance)
  • a build succeeds and a build log shows that Clover reports have been generated
  • but build was configured to run in a sub-directory (see Bamboo > Job configuration > Maven Task > Working directory field, for instance)
  • and as a consequence, Clover's reports have been written to "<working directory>/target/site/clover", which does not match the location from artifact definition


ad 1) Do not fail a build in case of test failures

  • set the maven.test.failure.ignore=true property for Surefire plugin or
  • set the setTestFailureIgnore=true property for Clover plugin (which sets several common properties)


ad 2) Correct location of reports

  • either correct definition of the "Clover Report (System)" artifact
  • or define custom location for Clover reports in Maven Task - see the clover:setup goal


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