Updating JIRA Avatar Does Not Update Avatars in Other Apps


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The JIRA avatar is bound to the JIRA section of Cloud only. We are still working on a way to combine all applications to use one avatar by uploading to the instance itself.

Here are a few improvement requests that we are tracking:


There are two workarounds to ensure the avatars are synchronized across all products:

Method 1: Manually Uploading Avatars

The avatar has to be uploaded manually for every product in Atlassian Cloud:

Method 2: Gravatars

JIRA can also implement Gravatars for a synchronized view with both Fisheye and Bamboo. However, Gravatars are not supported in Confluence just yet. Here is a feature request that depicts this feature: CONF-19636 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  1. To enable Gravatars for JIRA, go to Administration > Issues > General Configuration > Edit Configuration and select ON under the Use Gravatar for user avatars option.
  2. For Fisheye, you would need to raise a support ticket for our engineers to enable the user avatars in Fisheye for you, as this feature is restricted from administration.
  3. Bamboo's Gravatar setting is turned on by default.

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