The database, as currently configured, is not accessible


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On first accessing Bitbucket Server after installation on Windows (using the internal database for 1.2 and higher), an error like the following is shown:


There may be multiple possible causes for this issue. This article deals with the following:

  • The user running Bitbucket Server does not have the "Modify" permission on the BITBUCKET_HOME.



  • If you are not sure where your BITBUCKET_HOME folder is,
    • open the folder where you installed Bitbucket Server,
    • open setenv.bat, and look for the line: set BITBUCKET_HOME=...
  • Then,
    • Stop Bitbucket Server,
    • Navigate to your BITBUCKET_HOME with Windows Explorer,
    • Right click on the folder, and click on the Properties,
    • in the Properties window, click on the tab Security,
    • Underneath the Group or user names list, click on the Edit button,
    • Click on the user account used to run Bitbucket Server, and in the Permissions for ... list, make sure all the checkboxes Modify, Read & execute, List folder contents, Read, Write are checked in the Allow column,
    • Click on OK to close the Permissions windows, and then on OK on the Properties windows, to make the permissions effective
    • Bitbucket Server を再起動する


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