How do I change the default session timeout


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To change the default (30 minutes) session timeout you must edit the file web.xml. This file can be found in <Bitbucket Server installation directory/conf/web.xml.

The element you want to edit in the web.xml file is:

<web-app ...>
  <!-- ==================== Default Session Configuration ================= -->
  <!-- You can set the default session timeout (in minutes) for all newly   -->
  <!-- created sessions by modifying the value below.                       -->


The value within the session-timeout tag defines the amount of time the session will exist, in minutes.

Bitbucket Server 5.0

Starting with Bitbucket Server 5.0+, the configuration in web.xml is no longer used and all changes are read from

Setting server.session.timeout=1800 in will adjust the default session timeout. This value is set in seconds. See Bitbucket Server config properties for more information.

Note that after making these changes, you will need to restart Bitbucket Server.

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