Change BITBUCKET_HOME when installed as a Windows service


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When Bitbucket Server is installed as a Windows service, the Bitbucket home directory location, defined by the BITBUCKET_HOME variable in setenv.bat, is not used. This is because the Bitbucket Server service has the -Dbitbucket.home hardcoded based on the value that was used when the installation was run. This page outlines how to change the BITBUCKET_HOME variable for the Windows service.

How to change BITBUCKET_HOME for the Windows service

  • Stop the Bitbucket Server service.
  • Start >> Run >> type in 'cmd' >> Enter でコマンド ウィンドウを開きます。
  • cd to the bin directory the Bitbucket Server Installation (<Bitbucket Server Installation dir>/bin).
  • Run from there:

    tomcat8w //ES//AtlassianBitbucket 
  • A window will pop up. Click on the Java tab to see the list of current start-up options. Under "Java Options:" form, input the value:

  • Restart Bitbucket Server Service. From here the service will be forced to point to the path defined on the property -Dbitbucket.home above.

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