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After starting Bitbucket Server, you see the following error:

A fatal error has occurred
The following problem occurred which prevents Atlassian Bitbucket Server from starting correctly:

  • The Bitbucket home directory could not be upgraded automatically.
    • Both old '/data/bitbucket-home/config' and new '/data/bitbucket-home/shared/config' exist.
    • Both old '/data/bitbucket-home/data' and new '/data/bitbucket-home/shared/data' exist.
    • Both old '/data/bitbucket-home/plugins/installed-plugins' and new '/data/bitbucket-home/shared/plugins/installed-plugins' exist. 
    • Both old '/data/bitbucket-home/data/repositories' and new '/data/bitbucket-home/shared/data/repositories' exist.

Please refer to Both old and new directory exist for more information


In Bitbucket Server 3.2, the following locations under the Bitbucket home directory have moved while all the other directories remain the same:

Before Bitbucket Server 3.2Bitbucket Server 3.2


If you are hitting this message, it means:

  • A version of Bitbucket Server older than 3.2 (doesn't matter which version) pointing to BITBUCKET_HOME with the "old" directory structure was running in the server.
  • A new version of Bitbucket Server (3.2+) was installed which used the existing BITBUCKET_HOME. The instance started correctly and the BITBUCKET_HOME directory structure was upgraded.
  • Bitbucket Server was re-started but the older binary (before 3.2) was used. This older version of Bitbucket Server was unable to find the expected directory structure in BITBUCKET_HOME and so it recreated it. Bitbucket Server looked like a fresh / blank installation.
  • Bitbucket Server 3.2+ was started and if found both the old and the new directory structure in BITBUCKET_HOME. An error page was displayed to inform that the BITBUCKET_HOME needs to be fixed.

Last modified on Mar 7, 2016


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