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Integrated CI/CD enables you to create a link between Bitbucket Data Center and Bamboo, unlocking a range of benefits. Bitbucket can receive build statuses, test results, and other feedback from Bamboo, and display it in context where it matters most. In Bamboo, you can pick a Bitbucket repository and checkout its sources without specifying additional credentials.

Once they’re linked, users can then complete the authorization process to perform Bamboo actions in Bitbucket.

For more on the benefits of linking with Bamboo, see Bamboo integration.

Linking with Bamboo is done using Application Links, a bundled Atlassian app.

To create an application link:

  1. Go to Bitbucket > Application Links.

  2. Enter the Bamboo instance URL, then select Create new link.

  3. Review the Link applications dialog and configure these options:

    • If you select The servers have the same set of users and usernames, the link will be configured using OAuth (with impersonation) authentication.

    • If you are not an admin on both servers you won't be able to set up a 2-way (reciprocal) application link. If you want to go ahead and create a 1-way link, clear the I am an administrator on both instances checkbox.

  4. Select Continue to go to Bamboo.

  5. In Bamboo, select Continue to return to Bitbucket. Your Bamboo instance will now be in the list of linked applications, and it will be able to submit build statuses and test results back to Bitbucket. In addition, Bitbucket will be able to display links to where you can see logs and download artifacts on Bamboo for each build.

Having trouble integrating your Atlassian products with Application Links?

We've developed a guide to troubleshooting application links, to help you out. Take a look at it if you need a hand getting around any errors or roadblocks with setting up application links.


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