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Deprecation notice

In Bitbucket 8.11, we've added a new property encrypted-property.cipher.classname that replaces the existing jdbc.password.decrypter.classname property. This new property allows you to encrypt all properties available in the bitbucket.properties file.

We will be removing the jdbc.password.decrypter.classname property in Bitbucket 9.0 and recommend switching to the new property.

To add extra security to your Bitbucket Data Center and Server instance, you can encrypt the configuration properties that are stored in the bitbucket.properties file. Different encryption methods are available for both basic and advanced users. Additionally, you can create your own encryption mechanism.

The solutions outlined below provide a level of obfuscation for encrypting property values but do not offer complete security. The configuration files will still contain the necessary data to decrypt the values, which means that an attacker with access to these files could potentially decrypt the property values.

これらのアプローチは、機密データの偶発的な漏洩に対する保護を強化することを目的としていますが、包括的なセキュリティ ソリューションとして使用することは推奨されていません。


This method uses a Base64 cipher, which is simple obfuscation. It is a straightforward solution for users who don’t want to store sensitive passwords in plain-text (for example, database password). 

Learn more about basic encryption


This method allows you to choose an algorithm to encrypt sensitive information. It provides more security as you don't have to store encrypted information anywhere in the configuration file, which makes it difficult for unauthorized parties to find and decrypt it. 

Learn more about advanced encryption

AWS Secrets Manager

AWS Secrets Manager は、データベースの認証情報を高レベルで安全に保管するオプションを提供します。このサービスは、ランタイム コールを通じて認証情報を取得し、キーやトークンなどのハードコードされた認証情報を完全に削除します。

AWS Secrets Manager での暗号化の詳細をご覧ください。


If you have special requirements for encryption, you can create your own encryption mechanism based on our examples.

Learn more about custom encryption

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