View builds information in Bitbucket Server

To view builds information in Bitbucket Server, you first need to integrate it with your continuous integration (CI) server. Once they’re integrated, you’ll then be able to see build results and additional related information right next to your code where it's most valuable.

Integrate Bitbucket Server with your CI server

Bitbucket Server is designed to be integrated with Bamboo and Jenkins, and we’ve streamlined the integration process for both applications. For links to our how-to guides, check out the table below.

If you haven’t already, you should also upgrade to a recommended version. This will allow you to see detailed builds information like test summaries and durations in Bitbucket Server. If you’re on an earlier version, only basic builds status information will be shown.

CI server推奨Shown in Bitbucket ServerIntegration guides
BambooBamboo 7.1+
  • Test summaries and durations

  • Links to logs and artifacts

Bamboo integration
JenkinsBitbucket Server integration plugin for Jenkins 2.0.0+
  • Test summaries and durations

  • Links to logs and artifacts

Bitbucket Server integration plugin on

When integrating with Jenkins, you also need to create an Application Link to see detailed builds information. Check out the Bitbucket Server integration plugin on for how to do this.

If you use a different CI server, you can integrate with Bitbucket Server by using our new REST API to send Bitbucket Server detailed builds information. For more on how to do this, see our REST resources.

Locations where builds information is shown

Builds information is shown in a number of contextually relevant places throughout Bitbucket Server.

  • The Builds page gives you an overview of all builds across your Bitbucket Server instance. To find a specific build here you can also filter by branch and commit.

  • On the Pull request page you can see builds information in two locations. You can see the latest build status in the Overview tab and builds information for each commit in the pull request Builds tab.

  • On the Commits and Branches pages you can see the latest build status for each item. You can also select the build status icon for more information.

The Builds page

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