Perform build actions


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With Integrated CI/CD you can perform actions on Bamboo or Jenkins builds from Bitbucket Data Center and Server, removing the need to switch tools.

You can act on builds from the Builds page and the pull request Builds tab. To do this, you first need to authorize Bitbucket to perform actions.

On this page:


Authorize Bitbucket

To act on Bamboo or Jenkins builds from Bitbucket you first need to authorize it. Each user only needs to do this once.

To authorize Bitbucket:

  1. From the Actions column, select Bitbucket for a build.

  2. Select Authorize actions.

  3. Follow the instructions.

Perform an action

Once you’ve authorized Bitbucket, you can act on a build by selecting an action from the actions menu. The actions available to you will depend on how your CI server is configured and your level of access.

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