Creating a Contributions guidelines file

Bitbucket Data Center and Server lets you and your team create and share Git repositories, which allows you to collaborate with other developers within your organization. In most cases, individuals or teams will have some guidelines that they use when working on a repository, such as recommendations on who should review a pull request, info on best practices for coding, or desired file structures. You can add these guidelines to a file in your repo, and a link will be displayed to this file when:

  • you access Clone in your sidebar (the link will direct you to the relevant page),
  • you're about to create a pull request (the link will display the guidelines in a dialog), and
  • you're viewing a pull request (the link will display the guidelines in a dialog).

To construct your file, it must:

  • be saved to the root directory of your repository,
  • have the title Contributing which is not case sensitive,
  • the contents of the file can be constructed using the markdown syntax in Bitbucket, and
  • the file can have no extension, or the following extensions:
    • .md
    • .markdown
    • .mdown
    • .mkdn
    • .mkd
    • .text
    • .txt

Once you've created your file, you and your teammates can add and update the content, just as you would for any file in your repository.

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