How to extend the Remote agent installation command using JVM parameters


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When installing a Remote agent, you may want to customize the settings for the new agent. This can be done using Java Virtual Machine (JVM) arguments, which are listed below.


As mentioned in the previous section, we can use JVM arguments to customize your Agent. Below is a non-exhaustive list of common parameters, their defaults, and supported values.

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Change the Bamboo Home directorybamboo.home$USER_HOME/bamboo-agent-homeLocation Path
Change the Bamboo Home directory (alternative)bamboo.agent.home$USER_HOME/bamboo-agent-homeLocation Path
Set a custom SSL's builtin truststoreFilepath
Set a custom SSL keystoreFilepath
Set a custom SSL Keystore (password)
Set a custom SSL Keystore Key Store (JKS)

KeyStoreType ENUM values, including:

  • JKS
  • PKCS12
Ignore SSL Certificate Namebamboo.agent.ignoreServerCertNamefalse


  • true
  • false
Set the Java Versionjava.versionVersion of installed JDKVersion number
Set the JVM Vendorjava.vm.vendorVendor of installed JDKString (vendor name)
Set the File Encodingsun.jnu.encodingDefault System encodingEncoding code (eg: UTF-8)
Change the HTTP connection timeoutbamboo.agent.http.client.timeout300Integer (seconds)
Change the number of HTTP connection retriesbamboo.agent.http.client.retries10整数

These can be added into the installer command as follows:

java [parameters] -jar atlassian-bamboo-agent-installer-X.X.jar <bamboo-server-url>/agentServer/

JVM parameters are all prefixed by -D, so bamboo.home would be added to the Java command as -Dbamboo.home.

The Value to the parameter can be passed as -Dbamboo.home=/var/atlassian/application-data/bamboo 

Note : /var/atlassian/application-data/bamboo is an example of bamboo-home path, please replace this path with your actual bamboo-home path

Additional Agent options need to be set manually after the installation:

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