Bamboo Starter License - Checking number of Bamboo jobs for license restrictions


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There are instances where the users hit the message in the server log:

You have reached the job limit allowed by your Bamboo license (10 jobs allowed).

Although the details of this restriction is described in the documentation here, users get confused in calculating the number of jobs they have configured to check if they have already hit the limit of the starter license. The following scenarios may give you a better idea on when a job is counted:

  • If a plan has a job, then this job is counted against license.
    Eg: PROJ-PLAN-JOB1 - counted against license.
  • If a plan has a plan branch, then they are not counted against license as the plan branch contains the same job (this use to be counted against license until Bamboo 6.9).
    Eg: PROJ-PLAN-JOB1 and PROJ-PLAN0-JOB1 are identical - not counted against license.
  • If a plan has a plan branch that is deviated from the master plan (i.e., enabled with enhanced plan branch), then those jobs are counted against the license.
    Eg: PROJ-PLAN-JOB1 and PROJ-PLAN0-JOB1 are different due to enhanced plan branch feature - counted against license.


  • PROJ - Project key
  • PLAN - Plan key
  • JOB1 - Job key
  • PLAN0 - Plan branch key


Disabling a JOB does not free the license count, it is required to delete the respective disabled JOB so a new one can be created.

You may make use of Bamboo Specs feature to have your plans configuration in YAML or Java Specs as a backup in case you need to restore it/them. For more information, refer to this page: Exporting existing plan configurations to Bamboo Specs


The SQL query below will help you get the number of jobs that are already configured in your Bamboo to confirm if you have already hit the limit of 10 jobs:

SQL Query
select * from build
 where build_type = 'JOB'

Note: There are occasions where you still see some jobs that are deleted listed in the query result. You may identify them by checking their 'marked for deletion' column as 'true'. These jobs will be gone soon. You may also trigger the deletion by running global expiry or restart Bamboo.

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