Running Bamboo as a Windows service



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Once you have installed Bamboo, you can choose to run Bamboo as a service so that it starts up every time Windows restarts.

Upgrading Bamboo server

  • If you have just upgraded your Bamboo server, you must re-install the Bamboo service. You can do this by removing the service and installing it again.
  • If you run Bamboo as a Windows service, make sure that the user has Full control access to the following folders:
    • In version 5.1 or later:
      • <Bamboo_install_directory>\temp
    • In version 5.15 up to 7.x:
      • <Bamboo_install_directory>\temp
      • <Bamboo_home_directory>\xml-data\configuration\cipher
    • In version 8.x and later:
      • <Bamboo_install_directory>\temp
      • <Bamboo_home_directory>\shared\configuration\cipher


  1. Click on the Start menu in Windows
  2. Select Bamboo from the programs list
  3. Click on the Install service option to install Bamboo as a service in Windows
  4. Configure the Service to run as a local user

    Due to changes in recent versions of Tomcat and the Commons Daemon, the default user for the Service in Bamboo 7.0.2 and above is Local Service instead of Local System. To work around the restrictions of the Local Service user, our recommendation is to run as a local user.

  5. Click Start service to start the service
  6. You can alternatively run the following batch files to achieve the same steps:
    1. <Bamboo_install_directory>\InstallAsService.bat
    2. <Bamboo_install_directory>\UninstallService.bat

Last modified on Mar 24, 2022


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