Ephemeral agents



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An ephemeral agent is a short-lived remote agent that starts on-demand inside a Kubernetes cluster to carry out a single build or deployment before being shut down. Each ephemeral agent has exactly the tools it needs to perform its job thanks to the concept of templates, which define the agent’s capabilities and the Kubernetes pod layout.

Whether or not you’re already running your own Kubernetes cluster, ephemeral agents are a great way to integrate Bamboo with it, offering such benefits as:

  • the ability to run agents on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure (both virtualized and bare-metal)

  • savings on resource costs (agents don’t use computing resources when there’s nothing to do)

  • flexible and on-demand scalability (run as many agents as necessary at any given moment)

  • robust security with pod and container isolation (each agent starts up in a fresh environment)

  • automatic agent lifecycle management (Bamboo automatically starts and stops agents when needed)

  • automatic matching of ephemeral agents with the builds and deployments they’re capable of running

Check out the following pages to learn how to enable support for ephemeral agents in Bamboo, configure templates, and manage running pods:

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