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So far Bamboo had two types of agents: local agents and remote agents. Remote agents had three deployment strategies:

  • remote agents on the local machine

  • remote agents on the machine other than Bamboo server

  • remote agents on AWS also known as elastic agents

Local agents are no longer supported in Bamboo Data Center. Because of that we decided to standardize the naming and from now on we will refer to remote agents as simply agents.

Remote but local?

Keep in mind that you still can run agents on your local machine.

The suggestion for users of Local Agents is to install agents into the local machine. Be aware that this solution is recommended only for single-node instances. If you are running multiple nodes, you are not expected to have agents running in the same machine, as the agents will be fallible to the same issues that will affect a node. Furthermore, for agents to work with the resilience features of Bamboo Data Center, they need to be able to connect to multiple nodes. With multiple nodes, there are no clear guarantees which node will be working as the active and which nodes will be in the stand by mode. Agents need to be connected through a load balancer in order to they keep normal functioning even during a node failure.

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