Managing trusted keys

By default, Bamboo accepts communication from all repository hosts that authenticate with SSH. You can secure communication between Bamboo and repositories by setting up trusted key management.

  • Prevent Bamboo from connecting to unauthorized services via SSH.
  • Manually authorize SSH key of the repository hosts upon first connection.
  • Automatically authorize repository hosts that were added to the trusted keys list.

Trusted keys management is available only for restricted administrators.

Enabling trusted keys management in Bamboo

To enable SSH key management:

  1. Go to Administration > Security > Security settings > Global security and permission properties.
  2. Select the Manage trusted keys check box:


  • The Trusted keys configuration page is now available in Administration > Security:

  • When Bamboo initiates the SSH connection with a repository host for the first time, you can decide whether to authorize the connection:

Adding and deleting trusted keys in Bamboo

You can manage the authorized public SSH keys in the Trusted keys page.

To add a trusted key:

  1. Go to Administration > Security > Trusted keys.
  2. Specify the host URL, for example:
  3. Paste the public key that you generated for your repository host and click Add

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