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Adding and managing repositories and shared credentials on the project level without global admin help is available for the Data Center licenses only.

Credentials shared at the project level allow more granular distribution of work and responsibilities over projects. Starting from version 8.0, Bamboo uses project-level shared credentials which are visible only for plans from the same project. These credentials are not available for any plans outside of the project. Any user with project admin permissions can manage shared credentials. 

To manage projects' shared credentials:

Go to Project > Project settings > Shared credentials.

For detailed instructions on how to add, edit, and delete shared credentials, see Global shared credentials.

To move or clone plans with shared credentials:

Bamboo doesn't allow moving or cloning plans that use shared credentials for new projects. To move/clone such plan to a new project, you must first clone it within the same project, and disable the use of shared credentials.

Project repositories

Repositories defined at the project level are available only for plans in the same project. Project repositories can use project shared credentials from the same project. 

Permissions for project repositories are the same as for global repositories and allow flexible configuration of access for different users and groups.

Bamboo doesn't allow cloning or moving plans that use project repositories. 

Bamboo Specs

Project repositories support Bamboo Specs execution with the following differences from linked repositories:

  • Project repositories can access all plans at the project level.

  • Project repositories can't access plans that are outside the project.

  • Linked repository admin should grant access of project repo to specified linked repo

  • It’s possible to turn on the access of the project repository to all repositories of a given project,

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