Defining project variables



アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


プランを設定する際には、ビルド プロセスで使用する変数を指定するのが望ましい場合があります。変数の使用方法の詳細については、「Bamboo 変数」を参照してください。

Project variables are defined for a specific project, and have the same value for every plan that belongs to the project. If you want to define a variable for a specific plan, define a plan variable as described in Defining plan variables.

Project variables can be accessed by using ${bamboo.globalVarName}. Project variables can also be overridden at runtime when running a manual build. For more information, see Running a plan build manually.

To access the plan variables page:

  1. プロジェクトを選択します。
  2. Select Project settings Variables.
  3. Add, update, or delete the plan variables, as desired:
    • Select Add to add a new variable once you have entered the key and value for it.
    • 既存の行の更新は、テーブルのセル間を移動すると保存されます。
    • Select the cross icon to delete a variable. Bamboo will ask you to confirm its deletion.

Project variables page

If your new plan variable contains the word password then the value field will be automatically encrypted. If you change a variable to include the word password, then the value field will change from viewable text to an asterisk string.

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