Rerunning a failed stage

Running a plan build manually



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If a stage has failed in your build, you can choose to rerun the stage (with exactly the same data) instead of the entire plan.

To rerun a stage:

  1. Navigate to the failed build result, as described on Viewing a build result.
  2. Select Run > Rerun failed/incomplete jobs only to run the stage again.


  • Only failing jobs will be rerun.
  • Subsequent stages will be executed automatically, unless they are manual stages.
  • You might want to add a comment to the build result to record the reason for failure. The existing build result will be overwritten (Bamboo will not create a new build) and the previous failure reason will not be retained.
  • For plans based on a Subversion repository, you can only rerun the failed job or the whole plan.
  • Starting from Bamboo 7.2, logs for rerun jobs are kept in separate files to allow your for quicker analysis of potential problems.

Rerun failed jobs option in build view

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