Running Bamboo Data Center on a single node

You can run Bamboo Data Center on a single node, just like a Server installation. This is useful if you don’t need cluster-specific benefits – such as high availability.

非クラスタ Data Center デプロイメントを実行するメリット

単一ノードの Data Center を選択する理由はさまざまです。メリットには以下が含まれます。

  • 既存のインフラストラクチャの保持
    単一ノード上で実行する場合、インフラストラクチャへの追加を行うことなく Server から Data Center にアップグレードできます。ほとんどの場合、Data Center への移動は、ライセンス更新と同じくらい簡単です。

  • Accessing Data Center-only features
    Your Data Center license unlocks a suite of additional features to help you easily manage enterprise-grade Bamboo instance – like SAML single sign-on and improved build resiliency 


Bamboo Data Center deployed on a single node looks just as a Server installation, and consists of:

  • Bamboo Data Center server, running on a single node

  • A database that Bamboo read and writes to

  • Agents that execute your builds and deployments


Non-clustered Data Center deployments follow the same minimum requirements as a Server installation. Check our Bamboo Supported platforms for more details.


The process for installing Marketplace apps (also known as add-ons or plugins) in Bamboo Data Center is the same as for Server. You won’t have to stop Bamboo to install or update an app.

The Atlassian Marketplace indicates apps that are compatible with Bamboo Data Center. Learn more about Data Center approved apps


Deploying Data Center on a single node will be the same as deploying a Server installation, just with a different license. Head to Bamboo installation guide to learn about all the ways in which you can install Bamboo.

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