Configuring Git SSH on Windows



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SSH overview

You can use SSH keys to establish a secure connection between the Bamboo server and the SCM that hosts Git repositories.

  • If no Git capability is configured, Bamboo will use its built-in Git implementation: the built-in Git implementation does not support symbolic links, submodules, automatic branch detection and automatic merging.
  • Your SCM administrator must have already enabled SSH access to Git repositories. 
  • Supported key types are DSA and RSA2. Note that RSA1 is not supported. We've tested key sizes of 768, 1024, 2048, 4096 and 8192 bytes.


Enabling SSH access to Git repositories

To enable SSH access:

You need to set up SSH access when you configure your linked repositories:

  1. From the Bamboo header select  > Build resourcesLinked repositories.
  2. Select Add repository, then select Git from the Source repository menu.
  3. 次のフィールドに入力します。

    表示名The name that identifies the repository when you are using multiple repositories in a plan
    リポジトリ URLThe URL of the Git repository
    ブランチThe name of the branch or tag containing the source code
  4. Select SSH private key from the Authentication Key menu.
  5. Select the file containing your SSH key using the Choose file button.
  6. Enter the passphrase to allow access to your SSH key.
  7. Select Save repository.

Once you have enabled SSH access, you will also need to add an SSH server capability:

  1. From the Bamboo header select  > Build resources > Server capabilities
  2. Select Add under the Add capability heading.
  3. 次のフィールドに入力します。

    パスThe path to the SSH executable, for example: /usr/bin/ssh
  4. Select Add to add the SSH capability.

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