Bamboo 2.4.1 Release Notes



10 November 2009
The Atlassian Bamboo team is proud to announce the release of Bamboo 2.4.1.

We've fixed a number of significant bugs in this release, including a HTTP Content-Type bug preventing browsing of REST methods in IE7 (see BAM-4533) and a bug preventing custom elastic images from being created (see BAM-4812).

Bamboo 2.4.1 is of course free to all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance.

Don't have Bamboo 2.4 yet?
Take a look at all the new features in the Bamboo 2.4 Release Notes and see what you are missing out on!

Upgrading from a Previous Version of Bamboo

If you are upgrading, please read the Bamboo 2.4.1 Upgrade Guide.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

T 課題キー 概要 担当者 報告者 P ステータス 解決方法 作成済み 更新済み 期日
バグ BAM-4812 webapp/atlassian-bamboo-agent-elastic-assembly-2.4.0.tar.gz is missing the artifacts needed to customise an ami James Dumay [Atlassian] Ulrich Kuhnhardt [Atlassian] Medium 解決日 Fixed Nov 05, 2009 Feb 11, 2010
バグ BAM-4777 Can't enable scheduled backups Belinda Teh [Atlassian] Ajay Sridhar [Atlassian] High 解決日 Fixed Oct 30, 2009 Nov 22, 2009
バグ BAM-4716 DefaultProductLicense and DefaultOrganisation instead of proper values in Powered by line Belinda Teh [Atlassian] Krystian Nowak Low 解決日 Fixed Oct 15, 2009 Nov 09, 2009
バグ BAM-4707 i18n problem in dependency view screen Brydie McCoy Ulrich Kuhnhardt [Atlassian] Low 解決日 Fixed Oct 12, 2009 Nov 09, 2009
バグ BAM-4533 Cannot view REST in IE7 Marek Went Andrew Lui Medium 解決日 Fixed Sep 15, 2009 Feb 11, 2010
バグ BAM-4525 Text missing for I18n key build.dependency.strategy.buildParentIfHasChanges Brydie McCoy Mark Rekveld Low 解決日 Fixed Sep 11, 2009 Dec 24, 2009
改善点 BAM-4236 Description of Elastic Instances does not show name of Elastic Configuration Belinda Teh [Atlassian] Mark Chaimungkalanont Medium 解決日 Fixed Jul 20, 2009 Nov 10, 2009

最終更新日 2009 年 11 月 10 日






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