Bamboo 2.0.5 Release Notes



Bamboo 5.7 has been released! See the new features in the Bamboo 5.7 release notes and read the Bamboo upgrade guide.

25 June 2008
Atlassian Software Systems is proud to announce the release of Bamboo 2.0.5. This point release includes 5 major bug fixes and improvements which can be viewed below. Click a specific issue to see details of the fix, and to download patches where relevant.

Bamboo 2.0.5 is of course free to all customers with active maintenance.

Don't have Bamboo 2.0 yet?
Take a look at all the new features in the Bamboo 2.0 Release Notes and see what you are missing out on!

Upgrading from a Previous Version of Bamboo

If you are upgrading, please read the Bamboo 2.0.5 Upgrade Guide.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

T 課題キー 概要 担当者 報告者 P ステータス 解決方法 作成済み 更新済み 期日
バグ BAM-2775 Bamboo Pre-hibernate Upgrade tasks fail in 2.0.4, for postgresql Ajay Sridhar [Atlassian] Ajay Sridhar [Atlassian] High 解決日 Fixed Jun 17, 2008 Feb 11, 2010
バグ BAM-2769 Exports fail on Oracle Adrian Hempel [Atlassian] Adrian Hempel [Atlassian] High 解決日 Fixed Jun 16, 2008 Jul 25, 2008
改善点 BAM-2751 JNA based native library optimisations for SVNKit Adrian Hempel [Atlassian] Tim Whittington Medium 解決日 Fixed Jun 12, 2008 Jun 19, 2008
バグ BAM-2652 Artifact copies from a remote Windows agent to a Linux Bamboo server use incorrect directory separator Adrian Hempel [Atlassian] Philip L. McMahon Medium 解決日 Fixed May 23, 2008 Jun 13, 2008

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