Excel からのデータ インポート

Unfortunately, right now we don't have a built-in Jira importer for native Microsoft Excel files. However, it's still possible to perform a two-stage import using CSV import mechanisms.

Transforming an MS Excel file into a CSV file

Microsoft Excel is capable of saving spreadsheets in multiple file formats, including CSV. Before you save, we recommend that you clean up the spreadsheet from all unnecessary information or macros and make sure that the table columns are labeled correctly.

When ready, select File > Save As and then select the CSV format from the Save as type dropdown. In case of problems please refer to Microsoft documentation for help.

Importing CSV data back to Jira

If you want to create issues as well as projects, or users, refer to our CSV importer help.

If you don't have administrative privileges in Jira, you can also import CSV data into a single project through the user CSV importer, if enabled. In both cases, the importer wizards will guide you through the steps of mapping fields and values and validating the data before the import.


The import through CSV has some limitations. If the results aren't satisfactory, there are complete third-party solutions available that might help you.

Check out the Excel Connector for Jira from Transition Technologies S.A. You can also contact your local Atlassian Expert for help.


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