Jira Data Center のゼロ ダウンタイム アップグレード

このページでは、Jira Data Center (クラスタ)ゼロダウン タイムでアップグレードするための手順を説明します。

Jira のメジャー バージョンから別のメジャー バージョンに (たとえば、Jira 8.x から Jira 9.x へ) アップグレードする場合、ゼロ ダウンタイムのアップグレードは利用できません。標準的な方法のいずれかを使用する必要があります。

すでに Jira 9.x を使用していて、別の Jira 9.x バージョンにアップグレードする予定がある場合は、アップグレードにゼロ ダウンタイムを使用できます。

ゼロ ダウンタイム アップグレードについて

Upgrade with zero downtime is a special method available for Jira Data Center. It introduces the upgrade mode that allows your nodes to work on different Jira versions while you're upgrading them one by one. During the upgrade, Jira remains fully functional and open to your users.

この方法は、Jira Software Data Center と Jira Service Management Data Center の両方で使用できます。このアップグレード手順を使用するには、Jira Software 7.3 または Jira Service Management 3.6 が必要な最小バージョンとなります。Jira Software と Jira Service Management の両方を実行している場合についてもこのドキュメントで説明します。

As the zero downtime upgrade can be quite lengthy, depending on how many nodes you have, we've also got a handy checklist you can use to make sure you've done everything you need. We still recommend that you go through all the steps on this page. The checklist is just a handy tool to help you keep track of what you're doing.


アップグレードに関連してクラスタで発生する内容の詳細については、「ZDU 技術概要」を参照してください。


ご質問がある場合、「ゼロ ダウンタイム アップグレードの FAQ」をご確認ください。


ステップ 1: アップグレードの準備

Make sure you've completed the steps in Preparing for the upgrade. These are mandatory pre-requisites, essential for a smooth upgrade.

You must also check that a data pipeline export isn't in progress.

ステップ 2: バージョンの選択

If you need help with choosing the right version, head to the upgrade matrix to get a quick run down of features, supported platforms, and technical upgrade notes for all Jira versions.

Putting Jira into the upgrade mode

Put Jira into the upgrade mode to allow your nodes to work on different versions while you're upgrading them one by one.

  1. Go to Administration () > Applications > Jira upgrades.
  2. Select Put Jira into upgrade mode. This will only be available if your nodes are all on the same version.


  • アップグレードをキャンセルするオプションがあります。これにより、アップグレード モードを終了します。ノードをアップグレードすると、このオプションは無効化されます。
  • To cancel the upgrade later, roll each node back to its original version.

Updating Jira Service Management

This step is required only if you use both Jira Software and Jira Service Management. If you use only one of them, you can skip this step.

  1. Download the required Jira Service Management OBR file. Make sure you download the version compatible with the Jira Software version you're going to install. The compatible version is listed next to Jira Service Management's version, for example Jira Server 7.12.3.

  2. Change the extension of the OBR file you downloaded from .obr to .zip.

  3. Unzip the file to extract the contents.

  4. Copy all the .jar files from the directory where you extracted the contents of the zip file and from the child directory dependencies. Place the files in <Jira shared home>/plugins/installed-plugins. Learn more about the shared home directory in step 2 here

    The terminal commands are:

    cp *.jar dependencies/*.jar <Jira shared home>/plugins/installed-plugins
    copy *.jar + dependencies/*.jar <Jira shared home>/plugins/installed-plugins

During the upgrade process, upgraded nodes will be picking up the new Jira Service Management .jar files from the shared home, while nodes that haven't been upgraded will be using the old versions of .jars. When your upgrade is complete, all your nodes will be running the new version of Jira Service Management.

JIRA のアップグレード

Once your Jira instance is in the upgrade mode, you can upgrade each node individually. Upgrading a node will involve stopping Jira, upgrading the installation, and then starting Jira.

Stopping Jira will remove the node from your cluster, making it unavailable. Any users logged in to that node will lose their current session before being routed to another node. As the admin, it's up to you to decide which nodes to upgrade and in which order. You always need to have at least one node online and connected to your cluster to achieve zero downtime.

Finalizing your upgrade

Finalizing an upgrade will allow any required upgrade tasks to run on your instance and take Jira out of the upgrade mode. Once the required tasks have completed, your installation is upgraded.

  1. Navigate to Administration () > Applications > Jira upgrades

  2. select Finalize upgrade. This will only be available if all your nodes are all on the same new version.


As a system admin, you can cancel the upgrade by selecting the Cancel upgrade button at any time during the upgrade as long as you haven't selected Finalize upgrade. If you cancel the upgrade, you can restart it at any time. 

After cancelling, you should stop each node that has been upgraded, reinstall the original version on these nodes, and add them to the cluster again.

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