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How do I install the Confluence Server for Slack app in Confluence?

Head to the Atlassian Marketplace to download the Confluence Server for Slack app. 


How do I connect the Confluence Server for Slack app to my Confluence site?

As an administrator, you'll now have a "Slack Integration" navigation item under "Confluence administration"

ここで [Connect Slack Team] を選択します。

You'll then be taken to Slack's App Directory to install the Confluence Server Slack app. Click the green "Install" button for the Slack app and complete Slack's OAuth process.

Once you complete the OAuth process in Slack, you'll then see a new configuration page for your integration. Scroll to the bottom to see the two fields you need to complete. First, add your Confluence Server web address. Please do not include a trailing / after your web address. Second, you'll want to copy the contents of box #2 back into your Confluence setup. 

Paste the credentials into the Confluence configuration on the Confluence Server side. Click save here, and be sure to click "Submit" in your Slack window (screenshot above).

Once the connection has been setup, you'll receive a success notification from Confluence Server in your direct message with Slackbot.

How do I set up a space to post notifications into Slack?

As a Confluence Administrator

In the Applications section of Administration, you'll see "Slack Integration" listed under Integrations. From here, you can connect Confluence spaces to to different slack channels.

Once you've selected a channel, you'll now see the connection to Slack listed below. You will also receive a notification in Slack that Confluence notifications have been set up to appear in the channel.

From the configuration menu in Confluence, you can filter exactly what notifications you want sent to that channel, by subscribing or unsubscribing to Blog post created, Page created, and page updated events.

As a Space Administrator

Space Administrators are able to set up and configure their Slack notifications. In a Confluence space, under Space Tools, you should see a link for the Slack integration. From this page, space administrators can see current Slack channel connections for that space, as well as set up new ones. 

プライベート チャンネルへの接続方法

プライベート チャンネルに接続するには、最初に Slack アカウントへのアクセスを確認する必要があります。この設定が未実施の場合、プロジェクト / グローバル管理者を問わず、Jira の Slack 連携画面の [Connection status] に設定のためのリンクが表示されます。リンクをクリックすると Slack の認証リンクに転送され、自身のチャンネルをアプリが参照できるようになります。

Once you've completed this step, you should now see "You're accessing Slack as [Your Name]", and should now be able to select private channels from the drop down. Each user who wants to connect their private channels to the Slack integration will need to do this step.

How do I connect Confluence Server to a direct message or multi party direct message?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to set up Confluence Server notifications into Slack's direct messages or multi party direct messages.
Alternatively we suggest setting up a private channel and configuring notifications to route there.

異なる Slack ワークスペースへの接続方法

The Confluence Server for Slack app supports the ability to connect to multiple Slack Workspaces, such as in a Slack Enterprise Grid. To do so, on any of the Slack integration pages in Confluence, you should see a dropdown of workspaces at the top. To connect to a new workspace, click this and click "Connect to a new team." Please follow the steps from above to connect your new workspace to this Confluence Server instance.

I use multiple Confluence Server instances. How do I connect them to Slack?

The process for setting up additional Confluence Server instances to Slack takes some manual configuration to setup. Please ensure that you follow the below steps perfectly to ensure proper connectivity between your Confluence Server instance and Slack. You can repeat this process multiple times for each additional Confluence Server instance you have.

まず、 にアクセスし、緑色の [Create App] ボタンをクリックします。

スラッシュ コマンド

アプリを作成したら、アプリ設定の [Features] で [Slash commands] を選択します。その後、[Create New Command] をクリックします。

Copy the details of this command over from the above screenshot. Please replace {{url}} with your Confluence Server's url (eg. Once saved, your new slash command should show up in the list. Now continue to "OAuth & Permissions" under Features.

OAuth と権限

First, we'll click "Add New Redirect URL". Set this to http://{{url}}/slack/oauth. Again, replace {{url}} with your Confluence Server's URL. Make sure to click "Save URLs".

次に、[Scopes] セクションにスクロールします。次のスコープを追加します。 


すべてのスコープを追加したことを確認したら [Save] をクリックします。bot はこれらのスコープがすべて設定されている場合にのみ、適切に動作します。bot の動作であとから問題があった場合、必要な権限がすべて設定されているかどうかをここで確認します。

Bot ユーザー

[Features] ナビゲーション バーで [Bot Users] をクリックして、[Add a Bot User] をクリックします。

You can set the Display name and default username to whatever you'd like (for instance, "Finance Confluence"). Click the green "Add Bot User" button at the bottom.

イベント サブスクリプション

[Event Subscriptions] ナビゲーション メニュー アイテムをクリックして、[Enable Events] トグル ボタンをクリックします。

Add your Request URL https://{{url}}/slack/event and click Change. Please validate that it says "Verified" to ensure your connection between Slack and your Confluence Server instance

これで、[Workspace Events] で次のイベントをサブスクライブできます。

app_uninstalled channel_archive channel_deleted channel_unarchive group_archive
group_deleted group_unarchive link_shared tokens_revoked

[Bot Events] にスクロールすると、次のイベントを追加できます。

app_mention member_joined_channel message.channels message.mpim message.groups

すべてのイベントが追加されたことを確認したら [Save Changes] をクリックします。


設定の [Install App] > [Install App to Workspace] をクリックすることで、ワークスペースにアプリをインストールできます。

In the Confluence config screen, click the "Connect to a new Team" menu item. Then click on "advanced" for connection type. You'll need to copy each of the settings from your Slack app configuration into this screen. Once completed, you'll be able to start using your Confluence Server integration.


Yes, absolutely. This integration is built and maintained by Atlassian. If you need support, visit

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