Introduce customers to your service project


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


  1. Setting up your service project
  2. Creating service project request types
  3. Making queues for your service project teams
  4. Adding service project agents
  5. Customize your service project channels
  6. Bring your service project to the next level
  7. Introduce customers to your service project
  8. サンプル プロジェクトの確認

Now that you have set up your project in a way that serves both your agents and your customers, it's time to show your customers how to start using Jira Service Management. 

カスタマー ポータルからリクエストを作成する

  1. カスタマーポータルを開きます。
  2. 要件に合うオプションを選択し、リクエストの詳細を記入します。


Another way of creating requests is by sending emails to a linked service project. Ask your service team if they are set up to receive email in their service project. If they are, simply email them a request directly and keep the conversation going from your inbox.

Create requests in multiple service projects


  • If all of the teams you want to contact have linked their service project to an email account, you can easily create the request by sending one email message to all linked service project email accounts.
  • If the teams you want to contact have not all linked their service project to an email account, you will need to create the request in each service project one by one, either through their customer portal or sending emails. 




Congrats! You've completed the Getting started for service project admins tutorial. 

Want to learn more? Check out the home of Jira Service Management documentation here.

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