Managing your assets with Insight

Insight lets you manage your assets and configuration items in Jira Service Management, and interact with them through requests. It’s a database of objects – digital representations of your assets, ranging from hardware and software to employees or various configuration items. You can make your objects whatever you need them to be, and have them displayed in and be affected by issues in Jira.

  1. Object types: List of object types grouping your assets, organized into a clear tree structure.
  2. Objects: Your actual assets or configurations items, with all details added through attributes. From simple names to type-specific items, like serial numbers, models, and pretty much anything you need.
  3. Object actions: You can keep your physical assets in check by printing labels and QR codes, view their dependencies with other objects, and see which Jira issues they're on.

Insight を始める

Here's list of pages to get you started:

Advanced usage guides

If you're looking for more advanced knowledge, including Insight app development, REST APIs and Java docs, see Advanced usage guides.

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