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  • "Mark as Done" Option is Missing in the Epic Menu

This documentation only applicable for GreenHopper version 6.2 and above, the feature is not available on previous versions.


It should be possible for users to complete an Epic from the Planning board, by marking that Epic as Done. However, there may be some circumstances that the "Mark as Done" option is missing from the drop down menu, as per illustrated in the following screenshot:

There's no error can be observed in JIRA or GreenHopper logs file. 


原因 1

Each Epic have a 'hidden' Epic Status custom field applicable to it. And the custom field by default have the following values:

  • 作業前
  • 進行中
  • 完了

These values are required to indicate the current status of an Epic. Hence if this values are missing, then the "Mark as Done" option will not appear in the Epic drop down menu.

原因 2

 The Epic Status custom field has multiple contexts setup, causing JIRA Agile to not properly recognize the configuration




ソリューション 1
  1. In order to fix the problem, we can add the options again to the Epic Status custom field
  2. Go to Administration > Custom Fields > Epic Status > Configure, and add the stated options to the field:
    To do
    In Progress
ソリューション 2

Remove the extra context configuration, leaving a default with Global Context selected

  • If the options are missing from this context, please also follow the above steps to add the appropriate options.
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