Confluence 4.0 has reached end of life
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Whoa there! This documentation is for Confluence 4.0 which reached end of life in 2013.

You're probably wanting the latest documentation for ConfCloud or Confluence Server and Data Center.

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User's Guide

The Confluence User's Guide is for project managers, developers, testers – anyone who uses Confluence. New to Confluence? Start by exploring the Confluence dashboard and learning about spaces, pages and blog posts. Try creating a new space, then add a page to that space, add some content and a comment to that page and then export the page to PDF. Using the SharePoint Connector? Visit the SharePoint Connector User's Guide. Want to build up your skills from white belt (beginner) to Confluence master? Try our wiki ninja tutorial. Interested in what other people are doing with Confluence or want to share your own tips? See our tips via Twitter and tips of the trade pages.