Introducing JIRA Software

When you upgrade to the latest and greatest JIRA, your JIRA application will be updated to JIRA Software. JIRA Software provides tons of great features for running software projects.

With JIRA 7, we're introducing a big step forward for software teams: JIRA Software. JIRA Software combines all the parts of JIRA that software teams love (flexible workflow, powerful boards, and integrations with development tools) into a single product, with an experience that fully integrates those elements in each JIRA project.

JIRA Software completes our journey to bring the information your software team cares about to a central place in JIRA. You might remember when we released the Development Tools panel in an issue: this innovation made JIRA your "one stop" for the status of commits, branches, and builds. More recently, we introduced the Release Hub which uses the power of JIRA Software's developer tool integrations to automatically and instantly check completed issues and validate releasability. With JIRA Software, all of these features come out-of-the box and are a part of every software project.

The name says it all: JIRA Software is JIRA - for your software teams.




Pre-configured projects designed for the way you work

JIRA Software is purpose-built for your software teams, making software projects the heart of JIRA. Working in a software project brings teams together and keeps them aligned and focused on accomplishing their goals.

JIRA Software provides new project templates that are pre-configured with the best settings for the way we know software teams work. In this release, you'll see three types of software projects that you can create. Each project template comes with a pre-configured workflow, board, and other settings -  all designed to get an agile team up and running immediately. These new project templates also are designed to provide your teams with best practices for running agile projects, with tips for filling your backlog, reports to keep your team on track, and more.

JIRA Software also comes with all the features available in our newest application: JIRA Core. JIRA Core helps teams run business projects with powerful features you love in JIRA. Read below for all the details on JIRA Core.





A central home for all your teams to work

This release of JIRA Software provides the finishing touches for the new project experience we've been building. One of the most visible aspects of this is the new sidebar navigation. We released this sidebar as a Labs feature earlier this year, and we've received tons of positive feedback about it. We've also gotten a few suggestions (thank you!), which we've rolled into this latest design.

In JIRA Software, you'll find that the sidebar provides a central place for your team to work, while staying in the context of their project. For example, they can easily go to reports to check the burndown rate for the project, and then flip back to the backlog. We've also found that the central project experience makes it easier to onboard new team members and give them the appropriate context on key things that the team is working on. You can invite your team directly to a project where they get to work without feeling lost about their place in JIRA. Projects become the place where teams start their day when they log into JIRA.

With the latest improvements, you can add links that are important to your team. For example, you can link to feature specs, an org chart, or a team calendar.


Your other teams can play too

We know your business teams use JIRA for projects too, such as marketing campaigns, change management, recruiting, or any project your business teams have. We think this is so powerful that we're launching a separate application, JIRA Core. JIRA Core is designed for those teams who only want to run business projects.

With JIRA Core, you'll get project templates that are especially designed for business teams, such as a process management template. The workflows configured for these templates are more aligned to how different business teams work, and use terminology that non-developers will be familiar with.

You have access to all the features of JIRA Core through your JIRA Software or JIRA Service Desk license, but your other teams can buy a license for JIRA Core only, too.






Unique features = applications for your teams

This table provides an overview of the features you can find in each JIRA application:
  JIRA Core Jira Software Jira Service Desk
Simple business projects (tick) (tick) (tick)
Workflow editing (tick) (tick) (tick)
Powerful issue search (tick) (tick) (tick)
ダッシュボード (tick) (tick) (tick)
Basic reporting (tick) (tick) (tick)
アジャイル ボード   (tick)  
Backlog planning   (tick)  
Agile reports   (tick)  
Development tool integration   (tick)  
Release hub   (tick)  
キュー     (tick)
SLAs     (tick)
Confluence knowledge base integration     (tick)
Detailed service metrics     (tick)




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I love it! How do I upgrade?

Before you upgrade, please review all the changes that will happen when you upgrade. Just use the links at the bottom of the page to find all the information you need.

When you're ready to upgrade, see the Upgrade tasklist.

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