Removal of legacy mode for time tracking in Jira Cloud

As we roll out the new Jira issue viewwe're working to simplify configuration to make it easier to get key tasks done. We've decided to remove Jira legacy mode in time tracking on February 11, 2019. We'll disable legacy mode for time tracking for sites that have it enabled on that date, and remove the ability to enable it for all sites.

It's important to note that we're removing legacy mode for both the new and old issue views, as everyone will eventually move over to the new issue view.

What is legacy mode in time tracking?

In legacy mode, you can only specify an original time estimate before you start logging work on an issue. You can't change the original estimate once any work has been logged unless you delete all work logs for the issue. Removing legacy mode removes these restrictions, so you can adjust the original and remaining estimate independently, and update the original estimate after logging time.

Am I affected by this change?

Legacy mode is currently enabled on about 1% of Jira Cloud sites, and this will only affect those sites. If you're a Jira admin and you're not sure whether you have legacy mode enabled, head to Jira settings > Issues > Time tracking and choose Edit global settings.

Why are we removing legacy mode?

As mentioned, legacy mode is only enabled on about 1% of Jira Cloud sites, and currently causes more problems for many of those sites than it solves. For example, if you try to set an original estimate after logging time on an issue, the original estimate will fail to update but will pass your updated estimate to the remaining estimate field.

Rather than spend time and resources on fixing bugs and confusing behaviors in legacy mode, we believe it's better to use that time working on improving performance and usability for the key tasks you perform every day in Jira Cloud.

If there's anything you're unsure about regarding this announcement, or if you're concerned about the impact, reach out to us on the Atlassian Community. We're always keen to hear feedback so we can keep improving Jira Cloud.

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