4. Enable the improved interface in a plan



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With the releases of Portfolio for Jira 3.0 and later, Portfolio for Jira will no longer support the use of classic plans. You will no longer be able to access or update any of your classic plans. We recommend that you migrate from classic plans to plans with the improved interface.

If you have any issues or concerns, let us know via portfoliofeedback@atlassian.com.

  1. 1. Understand the types of plans
  2. 2. Considerations before migrating
  3. 3. Migrate classic plan data to a live plan
  4. 4. Enable the improved interface in a plan


The following steps are written with the assumption that you've already migrated your classic plan data to a live plan. If you haven't done this yet, go back to the previous step, or read this page for more details on the migration process.

Now that you've created a live plan, you can easily switch over to the improved interface.

  1. Go to your plan via Portfolio (in header) > View Portfolio > click your plan.
  2. Click more () > Try the improved interface. The planning interface page will display.
  3. Click Enable improved interface to switch on the new interface for your plan.

(info) See Setting up the planning environment for more details

Reconfiguring missing data

You might have missed some data along the migration process. Go over the following checklist to reconfigure your previous setup:

  • Initiative ↔ epic relationships
  • Themes: We suggest you color the issues in your plan by label, to replace the usage of themes. Coloring issues by label provides similar visual value as themes.
  • Team data: Teams and team members
  • Configurations of your plan
  • Sprint assignment: Only sprints that exist in Jira are assignable. Make sure to create sprints in your Scrum backlog, so they're assignable from Portfolio.

Note that team members are no longer available in the improved interface. Instead, we're now using assignees, which can be directly set in either Jira or Portfolio for Jira.

What next

We hope the high-level content of this guide has helped you get a feel of Portfolio for Jira. You can continue learning about the improved planning interface by checking out our documentation, or visiting our Atlassian Community for more information.



If you're having problems or need additional help migrating from classic plans, please visit our Support section and create a support request.

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