8. Sharing your plans


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  1. 1. Installing Portfolio for Jira
  2. 2. Preparing your planning environment
  3. 3. Creating Portfolio plans
  4. 4. Managing your teams
  5. 5. Managing your releases
  6. 6. Working with your plans
  7. 7. Customizing your plans
  8. 8. Sharing your plans


Depending on how your organization is structured, the content on this page is meant for Portfolio for Jira administrators or Portfolio plan owners.

To help you set your teams up for success, we've prepared this getting started guide that discusses how to set up Portfolio for Jira with your existing Jira instance.

The guide discusses the typical end-to-end path that users and administrators may find themselves taking part in when using Portfolio for Jira. You'll also find high-level content on Portfolio concepts, as well as some recommendations and optional steps you can consider, as you flesh out your plan.

Sharing plans

Portfolio for Jira lets you share a read-only version of your plan as needed. This helps you keep relevant stakeholders updated on the progress of business initiatives across your organization.

We recommend that you jump to one of the following sections, based on the type of plan you're using:

Sharing plans using the improved interface

In the improved interface, reports are no longer available — instead, you can share a read-only view of your roadmap. You can choose which issue details to display in the plan, filter relevant issues, and customize the view settings as needed, and then share that view of the roadmap to your stakeholders. Check out Viewing work and Sharing roadmaps for more details.

Sample customized roadmap that you can share in the improved interface

Sharing live plans

In live plans, you can actually generate different types of reports, depending on the data you want to share. These reports display corresponding graphical overviews of the different aspects of your data — and you can do this for both plans and programs, from both scope and schedule views. See Reports and Sharing reports for more details.

Sample dependencies report in live plans



If you're having problems or need additional help migrating from classic plans, please visit our Support section and create a support request.

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