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You can convert a private team to a shared team at any given time. Once the team becomes a shared one, you can then assign it to issues across multiple plans. This is helpful when you already have an existing team assigned to a plan, and you want to assign the same team to another plan.

Note that once a team becomes a shared team, you cannot convert it back to a private team. This is because a shared team may already be used in multiple plans, and can even be assigned work across these plans.

To convert a private team to a shared team:

  1. In your plan, navigate to the teams view. The teams view will be displayed.

  2. Click more () for the team you're sharing > Share.
  3. Click Share, to confirm the conversion for the team.

  • As long as the team field is displaying in Jira issues, you can assign a team directly in the Jira issue itself.
  • If you're currently using the team field in Jira, the assigned team will be displayed in the Jira issue itself.

  • Click Manage shared teams to manage the details and settings of all the shared teams existing in Portfolio for Jira.
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