Rolling values up to parent issues



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For parent issues, you can choose to display a preview of the rolled-up values of the child issues in several fields in a plan. At the moment, you can roll up the following values, from child issues to the corresponding parent issues:

  • 見積もり
  • teams
  • sprints
  • releases

In the example below, the values of teams are being rolled up, from the child issues to the parent issues.

In this example, you have the parent initiative TIS-118, with the following child epics: PERF-2 and PERF-6. Drilling down further, PERF-2 is also the parent epic of the child stories PERF-3, TIS-128, and TIS-148. The teams for the child stories have already been selected.

With rolled-up values enabled, PERF-2 is displaying the rolled-up value of Performance Engineering for its team. The same team value then rolls up to the parent initiative, TIS-118.

This doesn't mean that these teams are set in stone — this is just a preview, and you can still choose the teams for the epic and initiative here. You can still even change up the teams of the child stories, if needed.

最終更新日 2019 年 7 月 28 日


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