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Portfolio for Jira live plans (versions 2.0 to 2.27)



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This page discusses the usage of Portfolio for Jira live plans (any version from 2.0 to 2.27). If you're using the redesigned planning interface, see this page instead.

A plan contains your issues, teams, and releases, and allows you to calculate the schedule of your projects. You can create any number of plans, which can be accessed by different users and groups.

Plans can change over time for several reasons – you may gain more knowledge, so you can therefore refine remaining estimates more accurately, or project requirements have become clearer, or tasks have been completed faster than expected. Portfolio for Jira helps you keep your plans up-to-date by syncing these with the activities that actually happened from day to day.

Having a clear, achievable schedule gives your team transparency on how things are going. Knowing what's next helps your team make better day-to-day decisions, even if plans change frequently. The following sections contain information on how to create and manage plans.

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