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We'll soon be introducing some changes for plan access in Portfolio for Jira.

When these changes are implemented, the following will be able to access all private plans: users with the Portfolio for Jira administrator user permission, users with the Jira administrators global permission, Jira administrators, and system administrators.

We recommend you start ensuring that your private plans are not displaying any confidential data. See JPOSERVER-247 - Getting issue details... STATUS for more details.


The permissions in Portfolio for Jira will take precedence over the global permissions that are set up in your Jira instance.

User permissions

You need to configure user permissions, to ensure that users have access to the correct plans and programs in Portfolio for Jira, as necessary.

権限 詳細

Portfolio for Jira administrator

Can perform all administrative functions in Portfolio for Jira, including accessing any private plans.

By default, Jiraadministrators are automatically made administrators in Portfolio for Jira.

Portfolio for Jira user

Can perform the following actions:

  • Create plans and programs
  • View plans and programs that they have access to
  • For plans they can access, edit the issue sources, and edit any issue details
  • For programs they can access, edit the name of the program, and the plans added to the program

Note that this permission at both the program level and the plan level are independent of each other. This means that even if you can edit the 'Mobile expansion' program, you'll still need this permission to view and add the 'Beta' plan to that program.

Portfolio for Jira restricted user

Can perform the actions available to Portfolio for Jira users. However, users with this role are not permitted to update issues in Jira projects from within Portfolio for Jira.

Portfolio for Jira viewer

Can perform the following actions:

  • Browse and view plans in read-only mode
  • In Portfolio for Jira, directly update the teams and target dates of issues in a plan, and set the parent links of issues to structure issues in the plan hierarchy accordingly.
  • In Jira, update parent linksteams, and target dates of issues.

Note that this permission at both the program level and the plan level are independent of each other. This means that even if you can view the 'Mobile expansion' program, you still need this permission for a particular plan to view that plan in the 'Mobile expansion' program.

Portfolio for Jira Labs

Can access and use the features of  Portfolio for Jira that are in Labs mode

Shared team management

Can access global team management and edit teams that are shared across plans and programs in Portfolio for Jira

Plan permissions

The permissions in Portfolio for Jira take precedence over the permissions in your Jira instance. This means that even if you're a project administrator in Jira, you'll still need specific permissions in to perform specific actions with the plans in Portfolio for Jira.

The following plan permissions are available in Portfolio for Jira:

Plan permission View plan Edit plan Modify issues in plan Delete plan
編集 (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)
表示 (tick) (tick) (only for specific actions) (tick) (only for specific actions) (error)

See Permissions for more details.

Program permissions

By default, all Portfolio for Jira users in your Jira application instance can view and edit a newly created program. However, as soon as view permissions (Portfolio for Jira viewer) or edit permissions (Portfolio for Jira user) for that program are assigned to any user, the program then becomes restricted to that specific user.


  • If you don't have view permissions for a program, you won't be able to see that program in Portfolio for Jira.
  • To add a plan to a program, you must have view permissions for that plan.
  • If you can view a program, but you don't have view permissions for a plan, you won't see the plan or any issues from that plan in Portfolio for Jira.

The following table lists how user permissions work when you're performing specific actions involving plans and programs.

User permission

Actions when configuring a program (at the program level)

Plan permission Program permission Add plan to program View plan in program Remove plan from program
なし なし (error) (error) (error)
表示 なし (error) (error) (error)
編集 なし (error) (error) (error)
なし 表示 (error) (error) (error)
表示 表示 (error) (tick) (error)
編集 表示 (error) (tick) (error)
なし 編集 (error) (error) (error)
表示 編集 (tick) (tick) (tick)
編集 編集 (tick) (tick) (tick)

Note that Portfolio for Jira administrators are able to grant themselves the View and Edit permissions for plans and programs.

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