Resolving conflicts in parallel sprints



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This page discusses the usage of Portfolio for Jira live plans. If you're using the redesigned planning interface, see the following pages instead:

Portfolio for Jira can help you schedule the work of teams that are sharing a board, and are working in parallel sprints.

Conflicts happen when there are overlapping start or end dates across the active parallel sprints, or when one sprint ends and another sprint starts on the same day.

When such conflicts happen:

  • You will be notified about the overlapping sprints on your board.
  • You can choose to resolve the conflict at the time, by assigning each sprint to a different team.
  • You can also consider assigning future sprints to your teams, to avoid future conflicts.

When viewing a plan and teams are connected to a board that has conflicts

When in the Teams view of a plan, and there are active parallel sprints that are overlapping

How to resolve conflicts in parallel sprints

  1. Click Resolve sprint conflicts. The following window appears, indicating:
    • the teams connected to board that has conflicting sprints
    • the active sprints that are currently conflicting for each team
  2. Select the checkbox for the sprint that you want to assign to each team.
  3. Click Save and calculate.

How to assign a future sprint to a team

  1. In your plan, go to Teams and find the team you want to assign a future sprint to.
  2. Click more () > Assign sprints. The following window appears, indicating:
    • the currently active sprints in your board, and whether or not they have any conflicts
    • any future sprints in your board
  3. Select the checkbox for the sprints that you want to assign to the team. You can also assign multiple sprints to the team if necessary.
  4. Click Save, and recalculate your plan.
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