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You can customize the view settings of your plan, to make it easier for your audience to consume the data in your plan.

In the sample plan below, the issues are grouped by project and colored by status.

To customize the view settings of a plan:

  1. In your plan, click the View settings drop-down.
  2. Choose which settings to use, for any of the following options:
    • Group by, to group issues into separate swimlanes
    • Color by, to color issues using relevant coloring options
    • Sort by, to sort issues in the plan by rank, target dates, due dates, or other custom dates
  3. Select the Show rolled-up values in fields checkbox, if you want to roll up the values of child issues to their parent issues.
  4. Select the Show warnings checkbox, if you want any existing warnings to be displayed in the plan.

Warnings can be distracting and slightly discouraging when you're viewing a plan with or sharing plan data with stakeholders. If the existing warnings are not urgent, you can consider not displaying these warnings. Make sure to clear the Show warnings checkbox before sharing your roadmap with your stakeholders. Check out Troubleshooting to learn more about these warnings.

Enabling roll-up dates in a plan EARLY ACCESS

  • The content in this section only applies if you've enabled roll-up dates as an early access feature in Portfolio for Jira. Once the early access feature is enabled, you can then enable roll-up dates in each plan where you want to use them.
  • Being an early access feature, this is still work-in-progress. The feature may be incomplete, or may change before becoming fully incorporated in Portfolio for Jira. Send us any feedback and suggestions you may have via the give feedback button in your plan.

To enable roll-up dates in a plan:

  1. In your plan, click the View settings drop-down.

    View settings when roll-up dates are enabled as an early access feature
  2. In the roll-up section, select the Dates checkbox. For parent issues that don't have any dates, the date values of their child issues will be rolled up.
  3. If needed, select the Others checkbox to roll up the sprint, release, team, and estimate values of child issues to their parent issues.

Learn more about rolling values up to parent issues.

Last modified on Mar 6, 2020


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